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Malachi reads with Gary Dop, author of Father, Child, Water (Red Hen, 2015), at the Marin Poetry Center. (11/19/2015)

Malachi reads from Storm Toward Morning at Malvern Books (the background noise is rain on the roof with occasional thunder). Watch Michael McGriff read from Our Secret Life in the Movies here. (11/22/2014)

Listen to Malachi read Quarantine for the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown's Shankpainter 51, featuring works by the 2010-11 FAWC Writing Fellows.

Listen to Malachi read "The Puncture," with music by Matthew Aidekman.

Listen as Malachi reads a selection of poems and chats with Austin's KOOP 97.1 FM Writing on the Air hosts Dillon McKinsey and Francois Pointeau about Echolocation, poetry, Float Press, and more. (4/6/2011)

Watch Malachi read "To One Waiting to Be Born," "The Winter Traveler," and Quarantine for the New World Symphony's "New Works" performance. (4/20/2012)