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from STORM TOWARD MORNING                                                                                                                                       

"Traveling by Train" | AGNI Best New Poets

"A Memo to the Self-Possessed" | Harvard Review & The Poetry Society of America

from Quarantine:          

    "Lauds" & "Prime" | Poetry

    "Terce" | Muzzle                         

    "Sext," "None," "Nocturne," & "Matins" | Blackbird

        hear Malachi read Quarantine

"Insomnia & So On" | Poetry #                                                                 

"Drifting at Midday" | Poetry #                                                                

"This Gentle Surgery" | Poetry #

"The Puncture" | The New Formalist

        hear Malachi read "The Puncture"

"You" | Boston Review #

"Against the Glass" | Fawlt

"To the Executioner" | Hayden's Ferry Review  & Verse Daily

"I Have Forgotten You, My Self" | Narrative


                                         # indicates a musical setting - listen to all settings of Malachi's poems.

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